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One Day CFO

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This 8-hour service focuses on:

Strategic alignment

  • Align company vision, mission, and core values.
  • Develop smart goals and objectives.

Economic Analysis

  • Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Business performance

  • Assess financial scorecard and KPIs.
  • Establish an operations improvement plan.

Process improvement

  • Leverage technology to enhance business performance.

This service includes:

  • Full project timeline.
  • 8 hrs of on-site services or virtual.
  • Phone and email support during normal business hours.
  • Complimentary 30-day follow-up.

This works best for:

  • Established business in operations for at least 5 years,
  • Revenue over $2,000,000 annually,
  • Must have a small team of at least 5.