SBA PPP and EIDL Input Template

SBA PPP and EIDL Input Template

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Was your business denied round 1 of the SBA Payroll Protection Program or the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan due? Every business owner, no matter the industry, was affected by COVID-19 but not every business that needed funding was approved or even applied due to a lack of understanding, unprepared financial statements, an unregistered business, or lack of business banking.



After purchasing this template bundle, you'll be ready to:

  • Organize your business documents.
  • Capture your prior year's total income.
  • Capture your prior year's total expenses.
  • Capture and report payroll costs.
  • Estimate your PPP loan amount.
  • Estimate your EIDL contractor costs.
  • Estimate total operating expenses.
  • Apply for the MAX funding amount needed to support your business.



This template system is best for:

  • Female freelancers
  • Women-owned enterprises
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Solopreneurs
  • Small business owners 


License Options:

Standard: Personal Use Only. Not For Resale

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