Smart Goals and Vision Planner

Smart Goals and Vision Planner

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Are you overwhelmed each year while setting goals, creating to-do lists, and preparing due dates for your team? You may lack a goal planning task management process.


According to the BizJournals, 300 small businesses find that 80% fail to track their business goals – while 77% fail to reach their vision. Setting goals not only gives you clarity on business direction, but they also help align your team.


After purchasing this goal planning system you'll be ready to:

  • Solidify a vision and mission for your company.
  • Create Smart goals for your company.
  • Create a custom action plan
  • And,
  • More!



This goal system is best for:

  • Female freelancers
  • Women-owned enterprises
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Solopreneurs
  • Small business owners 


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As CFO Coaches and Consultants, we help women improve their decision-making and boost their bottom line.  We’ve helped hundreds of women Freelancers and Solopreneurs save thousands, on their taxes, enhance their business performance by implementing missing financial infrastructure and help women build long-term growth plans.

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